Druga Grupa - We'd Done All That Was To Be Done
  • Druga Grupa - We'd Done All That Was To Be Done
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Why Druga Grupa [Second Group]? “Because there wasn’t the first one!”, the group: Jacek Maria Stokłosa and the Janicki brothers, Lesław and Wacław, reply, rather mischievously, when asked about its origins. They were sometimes joined by the mysterious Z.L., consequently anonymous and frequently existing only on paper.

Their quasi-theatrical happenings, conceptual thinking, paradoxically having as powerful a material dimension, their peculiar wit of Dada provenance, their sophisticated mockery and disarming elegance resulted in actions that clearly demonstrated the ludicrousness of socio-political utopias. Theirs was a criticism intertwined with black humour and a youthful audacity, great fun served to audiences with a tongue-in-cheek seriousness. All these elements made up an explosive cocktail, an often magical potion that tempted, when brought to fruition, with a promise of an alchemical transmutation.


Publisher: Związek Polskich Artystów Fotografików Okręg Krakowski, 2017

Co-publisher: Ośrodek Dokumentacji Sztuki Tadeusza Kantora CRICOTEKA

22 cm x 28 cm, 327 pages, soft cover

ISBN 978-83-915008-1-1

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