Tomasz Gotfryd - Closed
  • Tomasz Gotfryd - Closed
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The ‘Closed’ art book summarizes the 3-years documentary project dealing with decay, transience of human artifacts and emptiness. The project, realized in Poland, focused on abandoned and derelict sites, such as houses, palaces, hospitals, prisons, either beautiful or dark, empty shells forgotten by former  inhabitants. There is often some mystery surrounding such places which keeps them uninhabited. ‘Closed’ may be perceived as a peculiar visual guidebook presenting the places which,  nearly absent from maps, gradually fall prey to decay.

Publication of the art book is subsidized by Młoda Polska 2016 scholarship funds.

First Prize in Prix de la Photographie Paris category Book (Series Only).


Publisher: Tomasz Gotfryd (2016)

Curator / Main text: Wojciech Nowicki

Book design: Pilar Rojo

23 cm x 29 cm, 130 pages, hard cover

ISBN 978-83-946866-0-4

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