Contemporary Lynx 2(6)2016
  • Contemporary Lynx 2(6)2016
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In our world, the number of mobile devices is greater than the number of people. There are more registered users on Facebook than inhabitants of China, and it is estimated that there are more of us who have Internet access than access to running water. We are living in a world which constantly transforms and digitalises itself dynamically. We organise ourselves into various communities, not only in the real world, but also in virtual reality. Robotics and nature, virtuality and reality, bits, computer-generated systems and handicraft, all these categories and potential communities challenge one another every second. Contemporary art, design and photography are also the subjects of this confrontation. 

In this issue, we take a closer look at new technologies, their development and the way they influence not only our culture, but also our everyday lives. 

This issue maps the current trends and phenomena in art, culture and life and, therefore, it is like the mirror displayed on the cover with the quotation from the artist Wojtek Puś. The mirror reflects you, our reader, in the role of our indispensible audience for these especially curated pieces. Each of you, as a group and as individuals, is on the cover of our magazine.

In this issue, we will discuss how artists use state-of-art technologies and what influence technology has on visual arts. We will present some powerful and pioneering examples of art that is moving with the times (pp. 50–54), and art as an element of an overarching posthumanist debate (pp. 76–83). 

We pose difficult and challenging questions on the role of technology, and the state of human beings in contemporary reality (pp. 18–25, 30–37). Our writers discuss how available technologies influence the places we live in, from our cloths and our modern conveniences, to our flats and cities (pp. 104–109, 114–119). Although, perhaps we are strong enough to overcome the obstacles of our societies not through technology, but rather due to the daring and futuristic ideas of creator-creatives and visionaries? (pp. 58–67, 88–94). 

And what about that elephant in the room, social media? What role does this increasingly expanding industry, this virtual society, play in our communication and artistic expression; and strangely, whether it produces opportunities to revive certain fossilized fields of art (pp. 68–71). Our final piece concerns art collectors and a dilemma - if the art of new media is so strongly interconnected with our reality, why is there such a reluctance to collect it? (pp. 126–131, 134–138).

The mirror on the cover will not show you an ideal reflection of reality, and nor will we give you a single, objective answer to all these questions. We have instead tried to confront and capture the oblique, astonishing, and frequently contradictory reality of it all, and we wish that while reading this issue you feel and reflect on the reality we all create and which, in turn, shapes us. After all, reality holds a mirror to us all, does it not?


Publisher: Contemporary Lynx Ltd (2016)

21 cm x 27 cm, 152 pages, soft cover

English edition

ISSN 2058-7465

ISBN 9772058746025

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