Krzysztof Racoń - Rura
  • Krzysztof Racoń - Rura
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Rura is a gigantic steel structure that was made to transport iron ore from a railway hub to the major steelworks in a heavily industrialized region in southern Poland. It overpasses a forest, roads, fields and finally for a short distance it runs over a small town which name is difficult to pronounce and remember. 

This monumental structure dominates the landscape of the town. It’s a hostile place to humans where not only the landscape but also air, soil and water have been poisoned by the adjacent landfill, incineration plant and chicken slaughterhouse. As in a broken mirror, you notice many deformed objects in this degraded landscape. In a place where even the trees take on a strange shape, you start to believe in the story of a two-headed cat that lived somewhere around . You walk inside and ask yourself: "Do I believe it? You want to understand why people stayed here. Is it just a habit or some common unspoken secrets? A sound of slamming doors and barking dogs are one of many signs that suggest you that you should better leave this place.


Publisher: Paper Beats Rock Foundation (2015)

15,3 cm x 21,3 cm, 84 pages, hard cover

Polish-English edition

ISBN 9788394196707

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