Piotr Zbierski - Push The Sky Away
  • Piotr Zbierski - Push The Sky Away
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Push the Sky Away is a triptych, with each part of the work the consequence of what has gone before, as well as leading on to the next. It is a creative path that has given me an interest in the primeval cultures from which our own cultural codes have grown. As a consequence I attempt to extract an underlying structure, which I believe is unchanging and unchanged. My feeling is that this lies within the tradition of the emotions, rituals, and behaviour – elements which are shared in common across all cultures, and to which photography has access.

English language edition price - 160 PLN


Publisher: Dewi Lewis Publishing (2016)

210 cm x 28 cm, 238 pages + 2 insert booklets of 16 pages, hard cover

English edition

ISBN: 978-1-911306-07-8

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